Tailored to your individual requirements.

The Plettenberg drawing mill has an ultra-modern and broad spectrum of production facilities for manufacturing bright steel in the classic drawing (cold forming) and peeling (cutting) processes. Bright steel in various dimensions, cross-sectional shapes and lengths is manufactured individually for customers from a wide range of steel grades. The use of the latest grinding and polishing operations enables the highest-quality surface finishes and narrowest dimensional tolerances to be achieved.

We offer a wide range of further processing options in addition to the actual bright steel production. This includes heat treatments in an inert gas atmosphere, order-specific end machining of bright steel bars, fully automated short piece production and the latest generation of non-destructive testing to detect even the smallest surface and core defects.

In order to guarantee and further improve the high quality standard that customers rightly expect, all production facilities are conscientiously checked and maintained at continuous intervals. In addition, all test equipment required and used during production is regularly monitored and calibrated using cutting-edge software solutions. In addition, the Plettenberg drawing mill has conceptual backup solutions in the area of production: It goes without saying that the dimension-spanning configuration of the machinery and equipment ensures uninterrupted supply to the customer.

The continuous supply of materials to customers is guaranteed by an above-average stocking of large quantities of raw and finished materials in outdoor storage areas and warehouses designed for this purpose. The Plettenberg drawing mill offers the advantage of being one of the major bright steel producers in Europe – while still being an independent operator – and it is this independence that enables a secure supply of raw materials based on several plants. In this context, it goes without saying that only raw material supply sources that have been explicitly approved by the customer – if desired – are used.

The certifications of the quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and the energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001 are an expression of the actual quality and performance level of the Plettenberg drawing mill. This is confirmed by the high satisfaction of numerous customers, who attest that the Plettenberg drawing mill is a reliable, efficient and long-standing partner which masters even complex problem solutions.


Production possibilities for bright steel production in the Plettenberg drawing mill

DescalingBlastinground8 - 80 mm2.500 - 8.000 mm
sechskant17 - 65 mm
cold forming
Drawing (+C),
Ring on rod
round8 - 42 mm (max. IT9)2.500 - 6.500 mm
(max. +/- 10,0 mm)
sechskant17 - 41 mm (max. IT11)
Drawing (+C),
rod to rod
round16 - 67 mm (max. IT9)2.500 - 8.000 mm
(max. +/- 50,0 mm)
sechskant24 - 65 mm (max. IT11)
flach20x10 - 60x35 mm (max. IT11)
vierkant24 - 55 mm (max. IT11)
ChippingScalping (+SH),
rod to rod
round10 - 80 mm (max. IT9)2.500 - 8.000 mm
(max. +/- 50,0 mm)
Sharping (+SL),
rod to rod
round10 - 60 mm (max. IT8)2.500 - 6.000 mm
Sawing (rod material)round15 - 80 mm1.000 - 6.500 mm
(max. +/- 1,0 mm)
sechskant17 - 65 mm
vierkant15 - 80 mm
Straighteninground10 - 80 mm2.500 - 8.000 mm
sechskant17 - 65 mm
End maschining
or two-sided)
Chamfering, planning,
plan chamfers, centering
and/or overwinding
round8 - 80 mm2.500 - 8.000 mm
sechskant8 - 70 mm
material testing
(rod material)
Eddy current crack testing
(surface defect inspection),
Error depth max. 1% of diameter
round10 - 80 mm2.700 - 7.000 mm
sechskant10 - 70 mm
Ultrasonic testing
(core and volume testing),
KSR max. 0,7 mm
round10 - 70 mm2.700 - 6.000 mm
sechskant10 - 70 mm
KurzstückfertigungSawing and chamfering on one or both sides, planning,
planning chamfers, centering,
overwinding and/or
stamping of the front surfaces
round15 - 50 mm65 - 1.200 mm
(max. +/- 0,1 mm)
Scherenround10 - 50 mm200 - 500 mm
(max. +/- 0,5 mm)
WärmebehandlungWeichglühen (+A), Spannungsarmglühen (+SR), Normalglühen (+N),
Behandeln auf Ferrit-Perlit-Gefüge und Härtespanne (+FP),
Glühen auf definierte magnetische Eigenschaften (z. B. Koerzitivfeldstärke),
Niedrigtemperatur-Glühen zur Festigkeitssteigerung (künstliches Altern)
600 - 8.000 mm