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Getting started is not always easy: headquarters Plettenberg

Even though the Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft started in Hagen in 1919 as a trading company for steel products, the Second World War forced the company to start anew after 1945. The reason: The company premises in Hagen had been completely destroyed by the war in 1945. The reconstruction of the company therefore began in 1948 with a move to Plettenberg.

The location today
Today, the Plettenberg site in the Sauerland region forms the headquarters of the group of companies. More than 190 employees in the trading company Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft Plettenberg and the company’s own bright steel production Ziehwerk Plettenberg ensure that every day customers in Germany and all over the world are supplied mainly with high-quality bright steel, but also hot-rolled bar steel and steel tubes. The Plettenberg site has historically had a particularly high customer share among automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, including exports.

Naturally, bright steel production at the Plettenberg drawing plant with its two main processes of drawing (cold forming) and peeling (machining) occupies the largest space at the site. The range of activities also includes various processing options such as grinding, specific heat treatments in various inert gas furnaces or extensive processing on ultra-modern circular and band saws.

The framework for all activities in Plettenberg is provided by the site-specific storage and logistics facilities: In extensive open warehouses, extensive warehouses and a fully automated high-bay warehouse, an average of more than 25.000 tons of raw and finished material are available for immediate processing or just-in-time delivery.

Materials competence at a high level
Also located in Plettenberg is our central metallography & material testing department. From chemical analysis to classical tensile testing to scanning electron microscopic examination, all possibilities are available here for assessing and further developing steel as a material to meet the ever-increasing demands.

Last but not least, the Plettenberg site also houses the group’s head office. In addition to the management, this also includes the central functional areas of accounting/accounting, personnel and IT.

The Sauerland – always worth a visit
Although Plettenberg is an industrial city with a clear focus on metal processing and forging for the automotive industry, the city lies in the middle of the Sauerland countryside. Surrounded by extensive forests, mountains and streams, Plettenberg, which stretches over four valleys, is also a popular destination for tourists to relax and rest in an environment where, despite the hustle and bustle, hare and hedgehog can still say good night.

A visit that will be worth it
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