Weser Stahl in Stuhr-Brinkum bei Bremen


Ready for take off?

The Stuhr-Brinkum site of the Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft Group, Weser Stahl, borders directly on the grounds of Bremen Airport. Nevertheless, the site is already geographically located in Lower Saxony. From here, customers throughout northern Germany as well as consumers in Scandinavia are supplied.

Processing share over 50 percent
Stuhr-Brinkum is the trading company of the group of companies with the largest proportion of prefabrication. More than 50 percent of the deliveries made of hot-rolled or forged steel bars, steel tubes and bright steel leave the warehouse and production halls as processed products. The saw pieces or fixed lengths are mainly used to produce bevel gears, hollow shafts or gear wheels for gears or industrial couplings, for example. Customers from the maritime sector are also supplied from here, such as suppliers for shipbuilding.

Always ready
Due to the expansion of logistics capacities at the beginning of the 2000s, continuous stockpiling ensures that almost everything can always be delivered immediately. In particular, the multi-layered operation with state-of-the-art and partly fully automated circular and band saws for cuts with a diameter of up to 730 mm leaves almost nothing to be desired.

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