A trading house of greatness.

The largest trading house of the Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft group is located in Löhne in East Westphalia with around 70 employees. Like South Westphalia, the region is characterised by numerous and often owner-managed medium-sized world market leaders. These so-called hidden champions are mainly located in the furniture industry, classical mechanical engineering, the commercial vehicle or agricultural machinery industry as well as drive technology.

Many of these important, regionally based companies belong to the customer base of Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft in Löhne, as do numerous consumers in the new federal states. In addition to bright steel, hot-rolled and forged bar steel is one of the main products in Löhne, adapted to the range of customer requirements.

State-of-the-art plants
Good logistics is essential for smooth just-in-time deliveries. Between 2005 and 2008, not only was storage capacity greatly expanded at the Löhne site, but a fully automated high-bay warehouse was also put into operation in 2018. In addition, the processing capacities on site were continuously expanded in the form of state-of-the-art sawing systems. On the partly fully automated circular and band saws we can produce saw pieces in the size range from 10 to over 600 mm.

So that purchasing also runs smoothly
The Löhne site of the Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft group of companies is also home to the central purchasing department of the trade. Thus, everything remains in one hand and even the main suppliers of the Westfälische Stahlgesellschaft have the security of always being able to communicate with the same employees. This not only reduces misunderstandings and errors to a minimum but also promotes a long-term and successful relationship with our suppliers.

A visit that will be worth it
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